Establishment of the new headquarters of Malteser Germany with change management, employee participation and design concept. In cooperation with CSMM GmbH, Munich and Fraunhofer Institute, Stuttgart.


For the public areas of the headquarters, the task was to show the Malteser's work, history and spirituality to members and visitors from all over the world.



The history of the Maltese goes back to the year 1048.


To give an overview of the eventful and exciting history, we have summarized the most important data of the Maltese in a backlit timeline.


Against the panoramas of Malta, Rome, Lourdes and Cologne, the exciting story of a nurturing knightly order is developing into one of the largest and globally active aid organizations in Germany.

The Malteser Foundation supports many projects in Germany and abroad.


To honor the donors and to thank you, we have designed a donor tree. On a support plate in the red of the Maltese a stainless cut relief of an olive tree was attached.


The olive tree stands for the Christian world view, for long, steady growth, for modesty, for eternal life.


The donor names are written on the olives that grow on the tree and become more year by year.


Among other things, the eight-pointed Maltese Cross stands for the organization of the eight Beatitudes. For this reason, we have each written a beatitude in the four staircases of the central office, written in the four languages that are mainly spoken in the Maltese world.


German - English - French - Italian


These beatitudes unite all denominations and have an undisputed validity for the other world religions.