Furniture and Acoustics

When planning office, communication and training areas, there are some pitfalls that need to be carefully considered.


 Be it the hard facts such as fire protection, accident prevention regulations or workplace guidelines.


Or the soft facts such as optimized acoustics, the quality of the products and materials used and a pleasant color concept that is individually tailored to the company.


 All of this is visualized in meaningful AutoCad plots, 3D renderings, and presentations to ensure that we make the right decisions together


 In all our planning we follow a simple principle:


It is the principle of sustainability formulated in 1713 by Hans Carl von Carlowitz for dealing with the natural resources of the forest (Prinzip der Nachhaltigkeit).

The investment you are planning should bring sustainable benefits to the company and not short-lived trends.


We take this into account in the planning and implementation.


 We therefore assume responsibility for

  • Acoustics
  • Preparation of the tender
  • Creation of the LV
  • Selection of suppliers according to agreed criteria
  • Quality control
  • Construction management
  • Control of the construction measure